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Bing now features Facebook Like Results – Privacy Issues Anyone?

Bing announced recently that they are now going to show search results with little boxes next to them if your Facebook friends happened to like the URL. So let's say you search for cat toys on Bing, and then you see the first 10 results. If your friends happened to "Like" any one of those results, it would show up with a little picture of your friends profile picture under the link. Pretty cool right?

The problem I see with this is it's going to cause a super high amount of privacy concerns. How many Facebook users know that if they like a certain page, they need to set their privacy settings for either Public or Friends Only? I'm sure at least half don't know.

Imagine this... Someone sends you a NWS link at home. You think it's funny, and do a harmless "like" next to it. Next week, your boss (who is also your facebook friend), happens to get that same link from one of his friends. He looks at the link in disgust but when stops in his tracks - right under the link is your profile photo showing that you like that link. Think it'll cause any problems?

I give Bing credit for integrating social media into their results, the idea is very cool, but the privacy issues remain.