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OpenCart Update – Daniel Kerr is at it again

We have been covering some updates on OpenCart, and while we mainly forgot about it, a few of our readers pointed out that Daniel Kerr, has been at it again on his forum. We've covered some of the reasons why we don't recommend OpenCart, but here are some quick snippets of Daniel having a little breakdown when users on his support forum are posting what they believe are bugs to the system.

this is down to your server not setup properly. my server works fine and so do many others.

this means its your fault!

one of my all time favorites:

its a permissions issue! with your server! nothing to do with opencart! you have not set the web user to have permission on this folder. are u stupied! opencart does not alter your session directory!

Keep in mind, these are direct quotes from Daniel.

there is not an sql injection problem you clown!

sql injection would mean you are actually injecting sql via the some unescaped variable.

the problem is (if there is one) a bug with mysql.

this threads like the blind leading the blind.

When releasing a product, you must expect that there are going to be lots of questions, some repetitive, some off the wall, and some that make no sense. However, the difference is in the customer service. For those who want their product to be used, such as PrestaShop for example, would never talk to their users like this. Those who want to push their users away, use the exact language above.

Of course, the choice is yours of which eCommerce platform you use, but do you want to be called "stupied" when asking a support question for OpenCart?

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  2. Well, its typical that a website that can grasp the concepts of installing a standard wordpress theme to an albeit insecure version of WordPress can moan about the securities of an absolutely free platform like OpenCart, that has no commercial backing at all (with a minor exception of the clear sponsored hosting of Arvixe).

    Seriously, get off this dudes case. Would you feel better if he had enough and closed down the project? Then what, back to Magento (commercially supported by Varian) with the pointless coding standards from an outdated, hacked around version of Zend Framework? Or how about xcart, that still seems like a child in the php world with procedural crap and oh yes lets not forget a commercial backing of when you need support that its $100+ / hour..

    Just get real. Stop moaning about anything you can rank in Google with. Why not show support, or do you favour bloated companies like Varian who don’t really care about the small guy?

    Case scenario – we run; plesk, cpanel, IIS 7 and multiple other systems with OpenCart, with a slight bit of common sense they run like a dream. Its not his, nor our problem if moronic people cannot follow the documentation (that is more than plentiful on the web with both text and video).

    FYI, lookup the IP address if your thinking I’m “Daniel” – you will simply see that I am from Leeds UK so clearly not. Its not like I expect the author to let this post last long or even get live if they have “approved comments only” switched on, clearly a case that they may be one of those morons who couldn’t install OpenCart properly – bit of advice, try and install Magento!!

    • Nice comment Jay – we run Opencart and love it. OK – it’s open source and you need to work at tweaking it the way you want it but thats the same with any shopping cart setup.

      Get off the guys back and be constructive.

  3. Seriously this guy Daniel Kerr is such a tool. He is clueless about what GPL means. When asked what is the license of OpenCart he says:
    “the license is:


    And on the OpenCart website it says:
    GNU GPL License”

    What an idiot. Is Daniel Kerr that dumb or just a bad character…

  4. Daniel Kerr from OpenCart is the rudest, most arrogant w***er I’d ever come across. Opencart is a total mess, modules are full of bugs, support stinks beyond the galaxy, documentation… what documentation? Yet, he still has a big mouth full of “utmost” insulation comments for you.

    This boy shall keep praying that he won’t be in front of me one day, because this would be … less pleasant for this P***k

    F8888 him and his F88888 up cart system. I will let him eat it!

  5. There was a time when we jumped to Daniel’s defense, maintaining that, after all, he was working for nothing

    We’ve since learned that Daniel is presently earning twenty-percent on all gross sales of OpenCart plugins, which sort of puts him into the position of a business operator, so he really is shooting himself in the foot.

    Daniel’s a geek, of course, and geeks tend to live in their own world, unfazed by earthly considerations such as a business website being compromised.” Security hasn’t meant much to him, as his history demonstrates.

    Daniel attempts to “justify” OpenCart’s bizarre url structure by arguing that it doesn’t matter because he uses the rel=”canonical” tag liberally. An those “Related Products” are a nightmare. You search for Widget1, and up come Widget23 and Widgit99 simply because they are “Related Products.” You can actually pick-out an OpenCart website in the Google listings by the bizarre duplicitous listings. Search engines, you see, are blind to “Related Products” tabs. They pick these products up regardless.

    I don’t think that Daniel Kerr has any idea of the rules of seo. I cannot think of any other shopping cart software with URLs such as http://www.mystore.com/Widget1 and http://www.mystore.com/Widgets/Widget1 and http://www.mystore.com/AjaxCorp/Widgets/Widget1 all neatly layed out in a row. But Daniel uses the rel=”canonical” tag so it really doesn’t matter. Right?

  6. Actually our website works very well, but this is only because of all the plugins and modifications that were necessary. The URLs and the breadcrumbs are perfect, and the multiple product listings caused by those insane “Related Products” (which we no longer use) have largely (but not totally) dropped off the search engines.

    We didn’t decide to use OpenCart to “save a buck,” but did so because it appeared to be the best out there.

    If you don’t care much about your SEOs, then OpenCart works okay right out of the box.

  7. Last week we sent a message Daniel about the problem with the administrator receivibf the exact same email that newly registered customers receive, with no hint as to who signed up.

    He began his reply with “Don’t bother me” and said that I was wrong in calling it a “serious problem” becasue the cart still worked. He added that he hasn’t addressed that feature, and that code can be written to address the issue.

    In response to his nastiness, I suggested to him (in private) that he seek mental help. His response wa to permanently ban my ip address.

    This man, in my opinion, is a sociopath.

  8. Last week we sent a message to Daniel about the problem with the administrator receiving the exact same email that newly registered customers receive, with no hint as to who signed up.

    He began his reply with “Don’t bother me” and said that I was wrong in calling it a “serious problem” because the cart still worked. He added that he hasn’t addressed that feature, and that code can be written to address the issue. He advised that one can always find the information by logging into the administrator section.

    In response to his nastiness, I suggested to him (in private) that he seek mental help. His response wa to permanently ban my ip address.

    This man, in my opinion, is a sociopath.

    Read more: http://www.websynn.com/2012/01/10/opencart-update-daniel-kerr-is-at-it-again/#ixzz20WVnvknT

  9. “Daniel Kerr

    to me
    don;t ask stupied fucking questions.”

    I asked him a general question inquiring about OpenCart Extensions and documentation Resources and number of users, only to hear such a response.

    Guess, the mama didn’t slam this pig’s head into the wall growing up.

    If he didn’t learn then, what would one expect from such service and such a representative.

    Good luck Daniel. Go to school and learn to correct your English and manners. Don’t be responding to people like this knocking your door to give you business !!!

    • Daniel Kerr webmaster@opencart.com

      to Shmg
      don;t ask stupid fucking questions.

      On Mon, Nov 26, 2012 at 11:04 AM, Shmg Brit wrote:
      Contact Details

      Username: OC_User
      Name: Shmg Brit
      E-Mail: britishmg@gmail.com


      Where can I find the number of users (websites) who have downloaded the Amazon Extensions and OpenBayPro ( all related extensions ) that are currently in use by websites on OpenCart Platform.

      i.e. I want a distribution of # of websites for each extension.

      Where can one find a satisfaction score from the users, for such extensions?

      Thank you,


  10. A bit confused. I see on this site a series of posts (over a multiyear period) trashing OpenCart, but I never see an alternative given ? Which shopping cart does this site recommend?

  11. I can only echo all the opinions of Daniel Kerr’s personality. The simple task of trying to buy an extension turned into an absolute sh*t fight. Why? Because he didn’t think my e-mail address was appropriate in relation to the ip I was signing on from!! WTF?? He then proceeded to suggest I might be a Vietnamese con artist and whatever else, requiring photo id before he would let me buy anything. There are so many obvious issues with that so I won’t even go into all of them. In the end I was basically told to disappear and use some other shopping cart software instead!!! This was _after_ he had already received my payment, which he then refunded. This guy needs help, he is shooting himself in the foot!


    Re: OpenCart Extension – Reporting System

    Jones Randis Dalberto
    11:29 (52 minutos atrás)

    para Daniel
    Nice Response, worthy of a turd!

    2013/2/9 Daniel Kerr
    go to magento! please fuck off! never use opencart again! you are to fucking stupid to use opencart!

    On Sat, Feb 9, 2013 at 8:31 PM, Jones Randis Dalberto wrote:
    My login forum and the opencart.com site is ‘randix’

    When i using reporting system ?

    If it was once, it was because I did not know…

    You are very arrogant with its users, and whenever there’s an update I have problems, I’m seriously thinking about switching to magento to be much more professional and no arrogant people there …
    OpenCart seems more like child’s play ….

    2013/2/9 Daniel Kerr
    why don;t you send an email like a normal person instead of using the reporting system!

    you expect us to answer you via the reporting system!!

    I don;t even know your username!

    On Sat, Feb 9, 2013 at 9:37 AM, Jones Randis Dalberto wrote:
    Hi Daniel,

    You will not give me any answers about my forum account?

    Through the forum I ended up buying a module rigged, and I warned you and all…

    You just banning my forum login….

    I’m not even a response from you, I am simply ignored now?

    2013/1/20 Daniel Kerr
    ok thank you.

    any idea what this guys use name is on the forum or the opencart main site?

    On Sun, Jan 20, 2013 at 4:21 PM, Jones Randis Dalberto wrote:
    Yes, is web site stole the extension, not the user who posted in the forum;;;

    I did not mean that whoever stole it posted in the forum, but that the website owner http://baltokoski.com.br/products/ that really stole!

    My english is not good, sorry…


    2013/1/20 Daniel Kerr
    not fruad. the web site you linked to stole the extension. not the other way round.

    On Sun, Jan 20, 2013 at 3:43 PM, Jones Randis Dalberto wrote:

    Hello, I’m sorry but I’m just trying to inform a fraud!


    The guy from this site is a fraud!!!

    This site is really bad site, he buy extensions from opencart site then sell it in his site.

    I only alerting all..


    2013/1/20 OpenCart

    If you continue to misuse OpenCart extension reporting system you will be banned.

    - The report button is NOT to be used for support problems!
    - The report button is NOT to be used for requesting a refund!

    The report button is used to report extensions that are:

    - Fake: Advertising with no download.
    - Copyrighted: Reposting of another developer’s exact work.
    - Corrupt: The downloaded file won’t open.
    - Malicious: Virus or other damaging code.
    - Extension is extremely low quality or has many bugs.

    Best Regards
    OpenCart Team

  13. @Randi Jones
    Stop spamming forums and blaming others for getting banned. I have been using opencart for a long time and i frequently view threads on their forum. Even i was pissed off seeing your spam messages on every single thread which i used to visit and i am sure there would be many others who think the same. I want to see some useful info when i read a thread instead of waisting time on reading your spam.

  14. daniel kerr is a fucking arsehole asswipe. he can lick his fathers scrotum because he loves anal and sniffs his aunties minge

    dirty fucker

  15. Why doesn’t someone just fork OpenCart and be DONE with these clowns? Pretty sure there are some better programmers and project admins out there…

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