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WL Marketing Review – Horrible RSS Feed Submission Service for your Blog

Recently, I tried the RSS Feed Submissions service offered by WL Marketing. The service seems great, and it's very cheap. What they do is take your blog's RSS feed, and submit it to 50 or 100 different RSS Feed sites. The goal here is that your RSS Feed gets syndicated by all of these sites, giving your blog more exposure and more traffic.

They offer two packages. One package is for $10, and they submit your RSS feed to 50 sites. They also offer one for $20 that they submit to 100 sites. They say completion takes about 15 days for 50 sites, and a month for 100 sites. It was faster for me, they were done within 1 day.

The good thing about WL Marketing is they also provide you with a detailed report showing each site that they submitted to, plus the directory in each site, so you can check it out for yourself.

So, how did it work out you ask?

Horrible! I was completely disappointed. No wonder this was done in one day instead of 1 month. I opted to pay $20 for the 100 sites, and the next day received a detailed report on what was done. About 30% of the sites on the list were 404. Of the rest of the 70%, I couldn't my feed on a single site. Some of them didn't even have categories on the site (a site error), so I'm not sure how they were even submitted.

I complained to WL Marketing and received a quick reply that they were sorry and were going to replace the broken links with new ones. A day later I received a new report, but it was just more of the same.

I will never use them again. I thought it would be hard to mess up RSS submissions, and thought it was a good service for a cheap price since doing it manually is very tedious. But WL Marketing makes money by not giving you what you paid for.

My first time using WL Marketing, and after this negative review, I will not be using them again.

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  1. Sure wish I had found this site before I spent $750.00 US on one of W L Marketing’s programs. The net result was that my site which was placed at eleven on the second page for my most popular search term was dropped by Google. Most likely because of some freaking program W L was running. I ordered them to stop and after two weeks my site came back but well below what it had been before the started messing with it. Do yourself a favor do not use these people. They will screw your site up and then run with the money.

  2. I wanted to use their service, but due to your article I’ve changed my opinion.

  3. I was thinking to use wlmarketing but now I am not gonna use their services.
    Thanks for sharing your review.

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